President Obama Speaks to INSIDE EDITION

INSIDE EDITION speaks exclusive to President Obama on the campaign trail as he travels to several cities and towns in the final days of the campaign.

President Obama speaks exclusively with INSIDE EDITION as the campaign reaches fever pitch in its closing days.

Boyd asked, "How are you holdling up. How's the voice?"

President Obama said, "Well, the voice is getting a little strained but the energy's great. You just kind of go on adrenaline."

Boyd asked, "And a legitimate all-nighter last night flying across the country. Did you catch a few winks on the plane?"

"I got a couple of hours," said the president.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd spoke with the president moments before he went onstage at a rally in Richmond, Virginia, today. 

Boyd asked, "What are you trying to accomplish when you walk through those doors and get on stage at these rallies, in terms of a message to the voters and sealing the deal and getting that check mark next to your name on campaign day?"

"Well, the main thing is just to remind them what the stakes are. You've got a very clear choice in this election. You've got Governor Romney with a theory of government and economy that involves folks at the top doing well and then everybody else will do well. And we've got a different theory about how you grow an economy, which starts with the middle class," said President Obama. 

The president has been on a whirlwind, coast-to-coast campaign tour that had him appearing on The Tonight Show, and it generated the highest ratings since Jay Leno returned as host in 2010.

The president got big laughs when he joked about Donald Trump's so-called "October Surprise."

Leno asked, "What's this thing with Trump and you? It's like me and Letterman. What has he got against you? I don't get it."

President Obama joked, "This all dates back to when we were growing up in Kenya together."

And there was more.

Obama continued the joke, saying, "We had constant run-ins on the soccer field. When we finally moved to America, it would all be over."

Even though he's out doing the talk shows and stumping for votes, the president says he always makes sure to keep in touch with Sasha and Malia.

"I call them every night. Usually, they're less interested in what I'm doing. I'm more interested in what they're doing. So I figure out what's going on at school, how's homework going."

The president is also responding to charges he called Mitt Romney a barnyard profanity with the initials B.S. 

In a just-released interview with Rolling Stone magazine he's quoted as saying: "Kids have good instincts. They look at the other guy and say, 'Well, that's a (expletive), I can tell."

Republicans immediately jumped on the quote and claimed he was clearly referring to Romney.

Boyd asked, "The feeling a lot of people are saying is, you just don't like Governor Romney. What do you say to those people?"

President Obama said, "Look, Governor Romney has been terrifically successful in his life. He's got a wonderful family. He's a man of deep conviction. I just disagree with his perspectives on the issues and where we need to take the country."

INSIDE EDITION has been travelling with the president and tomorrow we'll show you what it's like behind-the-scenes as the clock ticks down to Election Day.   

Last night at a rally in Las Vegas, Obama supporters were entertained by singer Katy Perry. She then did a quick-change to reveal a dress that left no doubt about her support for the Obama ticket, showing a voting ballot design on the dress with Obama selected as her vote.

The president told Paul Boyd, "Make sure that you remind all of your viewers, because Inside Edition is a really popular show, regardless of who you're voting for, make sure to vote because that's how your voice is heard and it's going to make a huge difference one way or another."