Campaign Trail Interrupted By Hurricane Sandy

The campaign trail is interrupted by Hurricane Sandy, and INSIDE EDITION caught up with Vice President Joe Biden and Jill Biden to see how the storm is affecting the campaign.

Could Frankenstorm Sandy change the outcome of next week's presidential election?

That's the big question as both campaigns reel from the effects of the freak storm in these crucial final days.

The latest poll from the Cincinatti Enquirer shows the race in the key battleground state of Ohio at dead even, 49-49.

Both campaigns are wondering what effect Sandy will have on early voting, where Obama is thought to have an edge.

Hurricane Sandy caused Obama to cancel campaign appearances in Florida and when Air Force One touched down in Washington D.C., the pool reporter on board said the landing was "dark and a bit rocky."

INSIDE EDITION had exclusive access to Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill at a campaign stop in Virginia.

Biden told INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "We've adjusted our schedule, because the last thing the president and I. or Jill, or Michelle want to be doing is going into a state where they're battening down the hatches to deal with a real serious storm.

"We want everyone to be safe," said Jill Biden.

The vice president is in Lynchburg, Virginia, trying to get a leg up in the polls, and also trying to stay one step ahead of the storm that meteorologists are saying could be one of the biggest to hit the East Coast in years.

Trent also asked the vice president about Jason Sudeikis, who parodies the vice president on Saturday Night Live.

"He is good," laughed Biden.

Jill said, "Didn't he look like Joe?"

"I wish I had that much hair," said Biden.