Levi Johnston Gets Married

INSIDE EDITION is there as Bristol Palin’s ex, Levi Johnston ties the knot with his baby mama.

Levi Johnston got the pre-wedding jitters. 

He's about to tie the knot with girlfriend, Sunny Ogelsby and INSIDE EDITION found him at an archery range. Levi is hoping target practice will take his mind off the big day.

He told INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret, “I'm too nervous. I'm getting married tomorrow, my hand is shaking, this is ridiculous.”

The avid hunter wanted to get married in a suit made of camouflage, but Sunny insisted on a more traditional tuxedo.

He said, “Wife wouldn't let me do it. I had to dress a little bit nice.”

Meanwhile, Sunny got ready at the Settlers Lodge Hotel in Wasilla, Alaska  and showed off her dress to her bridesmaids. 

Then there was Breeze Beretta, Sunny and Levi's baby girl. She's just one-month-old and will be front and center at the ceremony looking pretty in link. 

Sunny said, “She's going to look so cute in her dress too.”

Two people not on the guest list are Levi's ex, Bristol Palin, who recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and her mom, Levi's arch-foe, Sarah Palin. Four-year-old Tripp Palin, Levi's son with Bristol, is with mom in Arizona

Levi said, “We wanted him to be there more that anything - he was supposed to be in town but they called and canceled.”

But the couple is not letting that disappointment cloud their happy day.

Sunny proudly said, “Tomorrow I’ll be Mrs. Levi Johnson!”