The Girl Of The "Bronco Bamma" Video Speaks Out

The little girl who was caught on camera saying she was tired of "Bronco Bamma" and Mitt Romney speaks to INSIDE EDITION.

Abigail Evans is not nearly old enough to vote, but this four year old taps straight into the frustration of all of us in a YouTube video.

In the video she said to her mother, "I'm tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney."

When asked by INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent, "You are tired of them, how come?"

Abigali replied, "Because we listen to them a lot."

Little Abigail’s YouTube video is making headlines around the world. In the New York Daily News a headline said, “Adorable Video Shows the New Face of Voter Fatigue.” The cover of USA Today said, “Bronco Bamma and Romney Make Little Girl Cry.” The London Telegraph said, "Girl, 4, Reduced to Tears Over US Election Coverage."

Abigail's mother shot the video and had no idea it would create this sensation. She said laughing to Trent, "Whenever I see the video, I just feel so sad for her. I just want to hug her some more."

With five days to the election, the latest national poll shows Mitt Romney with an edge over President Obama, 49% to 47%. But, in the crucial battleground state of Ohio, President Obama is in the lead, 48% to 46%.

Following his visit to hurricane-devastated New Jersey, President Obama returned to the campaign trail on Thursday, Mitt Romney was in Virginia.

In this neck-and-neck race, a new factor is emerging regarding a TV movie that's airing just two days before the election. The film is called Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden and it airs on the National Geographic Channel this Sunday.

Kathleen Robertson plays a CIA analyst based on a real life character involved in the manhunt.

Robertson said, "It gives you a very detailed look at what really happened. The biggest surprise for me was how risky a decision it was for the president."

Robertson insists the movie does not have a political agenda, but some believe the timing of the film could win votes for Obama.