Cleveland's Hottest Bachelors

Check out who is the big winner of Cleveland's Hottest Bachelor contest, and see the other finalists.

UPDATE:  The winner of the contest is Tyler Tocco! Congratulations Tyler!

INSIDE EDITION went on a hunt for hunks in Cleveland, and we rounded up the 11 of the hottest bachelors the city had to offer!

The guys showed off their great physiques when they gathered for a photo shoot at the House of Ego studio in Cleveland.

But there's a lot more to these bachelors than muscles and smoldering good looks.

Tyler Tocco is an advertising executive for a local radio group/station. Flashing his thousand watt smile helps him land plenty of sales.

"A guy likes confidence in a girl. I love a confident girl who will come up and talk to me," Tocco told INSIDE EDITION.

And it's no surprise Cory Fustovich and Justin Klein have no problem cashing in on their good looks. They work as salesman at Abercrombie & Fitch.

And if a certain bachelor looks familiar to some Clevelanders, he should! He's WOIO reporter Chris Van Vliet, who always has the latest entertainment news.

"I don't think people in Cleveland are used to seeing me without a shirt on," he admitted to INSIDE EDITION.

Van Vliet showed off his buff body and his best Zoolander face, but he's dead serious when it comes to what he looks for in a girl.

"There's something very sexy about a girl who has drive in her life and actually has goals instead of a girl who just sits back and hopes that it comes to her,"

20-year-old Nathan Salter is the youngest of the bunch and a full-time college student at the University of Akron.
Ty Campana gets plenty of attention from the ladies at Youngstown State University. Campana told INSIDE EDITION what he's looking for in a date: "Pretty eyes and a good smile."

Ryan Bailey knows a thing or two about staying healthy, managing a health food store, while William Theis works as a fundraiser.

Salim El Rouwayhed runs one of the hottest sushi bars in Cleveland!

It's easy for Ryan McGraw to stay in shape, because he manages a fitness center in Cleveland.

And 30-year old Brian Geiser can protect you on a date...he runs a martial arts studio.

To see more photos of the bachelors, check out the photo gallery.