Celebrities Submit Their Votes

American’s of all kinds are turning out to vote, including some of the more famous faces around the country. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Beyonce tweeted a photo of herself filling out her ballot today, voting along with millions of other Americans.

INSIDE EDITION caught Heidi Klum giving a thumbs up as she left a polling place in Brentwood, California.

Mariah Carey tweeted photos as she waited in line, and as she stood in a voting booth.

We spotted Sarah Jessica Parker at a polling place in Manhattan. Star Jones and Lenny Kravitz also tweeted photos from the polls.

In Los Angeles, Ryan Seacrest tweeted a photo of himself with the ballot he had just filled out.

Over at the X-Factor, Britney Spears geared up for election day—sort of.

INSIDE EDITION asked "Are you voting tomorrow?"

"Probably. Yes," Spears replied.

Demi Lovato told INSIDE EDITION that she voted.

"I already voted! Yes, I sent my absentee ballot for Texas," Lovato said

Khloe Kardasian also voted by absentee ballot.  

"I did that early because tomorrow is my husband's birthday," said Kardashian.

Voters around the country were enduring hours and hours of waiting times at polling places. This wasn't so in the wealthy enclave of Bel Air, California, where there's actually valet parking. There, they are also giving out hors d'oeuvres."

Late Night comedians are also getting into the spirit of election day. Jay Leno was spotted leaving a voting booth near his home in Beverly Hills.

"Man it is hard to believe it's just one more day until Florida starts screwing up the election again," Leno joked during his show.

And it was time for Jimmy Fallon's "Puppy Prediction."

"This is my dog Gary. She's got a pretty special power, she can predict who the next president of the Untied States is going to be. We have two kibble bowls. She will run to whichever candidate is going to win. Ok, are you ready? Go Gary!" Fallon said on his show.

"Wow Gary, you must have not heard the story about Romney tying his dog to the roof, but its alright," Fallon joked after the dog chose the Romney bowl.