Judge William Adams Reinstated After Being Suspended Over Video of Him Beating His Daughter

Teenager Hillary Adams speaks to INSIDE EDITION about her father being reinstated on the judicial bench after he was suspended when a video surfaced of him brutally beating her with a belt.

The video of a 16-year-old girl beaten with a belt by her own father would make anyone cringe in horror. Incredibly, the father is a family court judge who presides over domestic-abuse cases.

The video caused a storm when the teenager posted it online exactly a year ago. Following a national uproar, her father was suspended from the bench.

Now, Judge William Adams has just been reinstated. He’s back in the business of passing judgment on the behavior of others at a courthouse outside Corpus Christi, Texas. 

When approached by INSIDE EDITION, the judge was not thrilled. All he had to say was, "Have a nice day, and please get off my property. You're very rude."

Now his daughter, Hillary Adams, is speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about her dad's reinstatement, and she's not mincing her words.
"Only a fool would put that kind of person back into court," said Hillary.

Hillary, now 24-years old, is an accomplished piano player. She spoke to INSIDE EDITION with her mother, Hallie, who is divorced from Judge Adams.

Hillary’s mom, Hallie, said, "He really doesn't belong on the bench because of the way he's treated our family."

Hillary thinks her father hoodwinked the Texas Supreme Court justices who lifted his suspension.

"He'll say anything to make you think he's just this stand-up perfect citizen. And they fell for that," said Hillary.

Hillary shot the footage secretly, using a camera her parents had given for her as a gift. She actually recorded the video seven years before putting it online.

The judge claimed that he was disciplining his daughter for illegally downloading music. Authorities said too much time had passed to bring criminal charges .