New Documentary Claims O.J. Simpson Did Not Kill Ex-Wife And Friend

A controversial new documentary is making the shocking claim that O.J. Simpson was not the killer in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. INSIDE EDITION speaks to Goldman's sister about the film.

A controversial new documentary claims O.J. Simpson wasn't the real killer of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

The documentary, premiering Wednesday on Investigation Discovery, says it was a serial killer named Glen Rogers who killed Nicole and Ron.

The documentary is entitled My Brother the Serial Killer and is based on an interview with Glen Rogers's older brother, Clay, who claims O.J. Simpson hired his brother to get back expensive earrings he had given to Nicole.

In the film, Clay said, "He said, 'They got money. they are well off and I am taking her down.'"

In an interview with INSIDE EDITION, Ron Goldman’s sister, Kim, dismisses the documentary as hogwash.

"I believe that there is zero percent that there is any validity to this guy who is a serial killer, who is on death row, staking any claim to my brother and Nicole's murder," said Kim Goldman.

Clay Rogers has a history of making outlandish claims. In a 1997 interview with INSIDE EDITION, he said he had psychic powers.

"I see the blood, I see the rage, I felt the twist of the knife," said Clay to INSIDE EDITION in 1997.

Glen Rogers is now sitting on death row in Florida. He may be responsible for as many as 70 murders across the USA.

Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman, who was one of the investigators that testified at the O.J. Simpson trial, says the documentary is absolute nonsense.

Fuhrman told Fox News, "As a nation, are we this stupid? That we fall for these media blitz and this attraction that there is something more interesting that we can squeeze out of this stale and pathetic, easily seen crime."

Kim Goldman says the documentary ignores the mountain of evidence pointing to O.J. Simpson.