Cheerleader Shaves Head for Cancer Research

When her coach was diagnosed with leukemia, this cheerleader shaved her head to raise money for cancer research. INSIDE EDITION talks to the cheerleader.

An Indianapolis Colts cheerleader went where few cheerleaders have gone before, agreeing to shave her beautiful locks in honor of Colts coach, Chuck Pagano who was diagnosed with leukemia last September.

Before the big game on Sunday, Megan couldn't stop playing with her beautiful head of hair.

And a big surprise was waiting for her.  Fellow cheerleader Crystal Ann decided  to take the plunge and go bald in solidarity with Megan's sacrifice.

After the third quarter, the big moment was finally here. Megan and Crystal Ann held hands as the team mascot started shearing away with the clippers, and the crowd went wild.

In the end, these two beautiful women got their brand new bald looks and still managed to look amazing. Megan was happy she could do her part.

"Actually, I had a chance to look in the mirror and I'm not as scared as I thought I would be. I think my head looks like a pretty normal shape. That's what I was a little worried about," said Megan.

And coach Pagano, who has been sidelined during his cancer treatment, emerged from the owners box to a standing ovation.