Did Cameron Douglas Get Off Easy Because of His Famous Family?

Did Cameron Douglas get a 5-year sentence instead of the 10 years he could have received because of his famous family members? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Did Michael Douglas's drug dealing son get off lightly? The front page of the New York Post says Cameron was handled with "kid gloves," claiming it was his father's star power that helped Cameron get a five-year sentence when he faced 10 years.

In 2009, INSIDE EDITION got an inside look at the 31-year-old's downward spiral when cameras were allowed inside Douglas's drug den, a Los Angeles home choked with filth, litter, and drug paraphernalia.

Landlord Sky Reiss was shocked at what was found a year ago when he allowed INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret inside.

The stench was permeating, and they saw what was believed residue of crack cocaine. There was a bent and burned spoon containing the residue of a rock-like substance and a packet of camouflage-colored balloons in a size police say is commonly used to hold heroin. There were also pill pouches, a syringe, and home drug test scattered around.

Douglas was evicted for failing to pay his rent.  

Now Michael Douglas's son must find a way to turn his life around.