Teen Girl Arrested For Robbing Bank After Bragging On YouTube

A bank robber was apprehended after she posted a video on YouTube bragging about her crime. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A teenage girl waved a wad of cash, while bragging about robbing a bank.  

The young lady posted the video on YouTube. Using hand-written cards and captions, she boasts about pulling off the heist, calling it, "The best day of my life."

19-year-old Hannah Sabata claims she robbed the bank with “a gun, a pillow case and a note," and got away with more than $6,000. As punk rock music plays in the background, she waves the keys of a car she says she stole for her getaway—she wasn’t making it up. 

Police say a surveillance photo shows Sabata holding up the bank near her home outside Lincoln, Nebraska.

But, her crime spree didn't last long. Cops couldn't believe their luck after she foolishly posted the video on YouTube.

She grinned as she was led away in handcuffs. Then, it looked as if she tried to flee but the deputy held on tight.

Now, she may be headed straight for the dumb criminal’s hall of fame.