Jennifer Lawrence Tops List of Most Desirable Women

An international poll shows rising star Jennifer Lawrence at the top of men's Most Desirable Women. INSIDE EDITION looks at the surprising results.

The world's most desirable woman is Jennifer Lawrence.

A new survey by the website asked guys to vote on which celebrity they would choose as a prospective partner.

The 22-year-old Hunger Games star came in first, knocking last year's winner Sofia Vergara off the top spot. The curvy star of Modern Family actually fell to number twelve on this year's list.

Hot young star Mila Kunis landed at number two, and gorgeous swimsuit model Kate Upton was third.’s Editor-in-Chief, James Bassil, told INSIDE EDITION, “She's a bombshell, kind of classic bombshell. Blonde, and seems vivacious and friendly."

Rihanna was the fourth most desirable woman, and actress Emma Stone rounded out the top five.

But everyone's talking about voluptuous Kim Kardashian, who had the most dramatic fall of all. Last year, she was number eight on the list. This year, she plummeted 90 places way down to the 98th spot on the list.