Justin Bieber's Bodyguards Remain on High Alert

On the heels of an alleged plot to kill Justin Bieber, the teen idol's bodyguards are doing everything to keep him safe. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Justin Bieber's fans are still reeling over the shocking reports about an alleged plot to kill the teen idol.

But how close could the three suspects really have come to strangling Bieber with a necktie, as they allegedly planned?

In Bieber's concert movie Never Say Never, he's constantly being watched by a beefy bodyguard named Kenny Hamilton. The two are practically joined at the hip. In one moment in the film, the bodyguard playfully hoisted Bieber right off the ground. In another moment, the bodyguard deftlly moves a blonde fan out of the way as Justin Bieber comes through.

Security expert Lou Columbo told INSIDE EDITION, "Anticipation is a critical component in being abel to protect people. You have to anticipate a potential problem."

On this trip to France, Bieber is literally surrounded by bodyguards. They had his back as he takes pictures of himself with his fans.

But Bieber may want to tone down his profile. He drives a mirrored $120,000 Fisker car. Not exactly a low key way to get around town.

Columbo said, "When you're successful in a particular area in life, you don't need to go out there and be flamboyant about it."

That's the price of superstardom. You can afford anything, but you always have to be on high alert.