Funerals Begin For Children Of School Shooting

Funeral services beginning for the young children who were killed in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. INSIDE EDITION reports.

There was heartbreak at the first of the funerals for the little victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

Jack Pinto and Noah Pozner, both six years old, were mourned at separate services Monday.

Jack was a huge fan of the New York Giants football team. One mourner carried a football helmet into the funeral home in Newtown, Connecticut.

One young girl held hands with her sobbing mom. Other tearful mourners struggled to contain their grief. Friends consoled each other as best they could.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd reports from outside the home of Jack Pinto in Newtown, Connecticut.

"It is difficult to put into words the heartbreaking and emotional atmosphere at the funeral home and throughout the community. Grief, sadness, disbelief etched on the faces of hundreds of mourners lined up out the doors, here to say goodbye and to remember the young life of little Jack Pinto."

At one point, an ambulance was called to the funeral home because a 15-year-old girl was feeling faint.

Jack Pinto's favorite player was Giants receiver Victor Cruz. On Sunday, a moment of silence fell during the Giants-Falcons football game.

Cruz had a heartfelt tribute for little Jack. The wide receiver wore "Jack Pinto, my hero" on one cleat and "R.I.P. Jack Pinto" on the other. And he tweeted a photo of his glove 'Jack Pinto this one is 4 u.!"

Funeral director Daniel Honan made arrangements for Jack Pinto's service. And his job is just beginning.

"It's never easy when it's a child. We are taking care of 11 of the children who were killed at the school," said Honan.

There were also anguished scenes at the funeral of Noah Pozner, in Fairfield, Connecticut, Monday. Noah was described as smart as a whip by those who knew him.

When his mom told him she loved him, Noah replied "not as much as I love you, mom." Noah had a twin sister, Arielle, who was assigned to a different classroom, and survived the shooting.

All over Newtown, shrines to the victims have sprung up in the days since the shooting. At one, 20 little angels memorialize the 20 children who died.

Sadly, more grieving families will be going through scenes like this in the days to come.