Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated

INSIDE EDITION has the story of a medical miracle that has given new life to nine-month-old twins who were born conjoined at the chest, and are recovering well after being separated.

It was the big moment as adorable twin girls who were born conjoined are introduced to the nation for the first time since they were separated.

Nine-month-old Allison and Amelia Tucker wore matching striped shirts with pink-and-white headbands as they made their debut at Philadelphia’s world-renowned Children's Hospital Thursday.

Their parents, Shellie and Greg Tucker, along with big brother Owen, who's two years old, couldn't stop beaming.

 Shellie told INSIDE EDITION, "They are definitely little miracle babies, they are fighters."

Before they were separated, Allison and Amelia were joined at the lower chest and abdomen and shared a diaphragm and liver.

Their parents only found out they were conjoined twins after an ultrasound photo was taken when Shellie was 20 weeks pregnant.

Shellie said, "It has been a roller coaster, I mean you have your highs and your lows."

A team of 40 doctors and nurses performed a grueling seven-hour operation last month to separate the twins.  

It's the 21st time conjoined twins have been separated at Children's Hospital and the lead surgeon was Dr. Holly Hedrick.  

Dr. Hedrick said, "I can't wait to see the girls live independent, successful lives."

At a news conference, Shellie said, “The burden is completely gone and I am very, very happy.”

Allison is smaller, but she's strong and feisty. Amelia is more laid back and still requires a feeding tube.  

"They will do big things, that is for sure," said Shellie.

Now these miracle twins will soon celebrate their first Christmas together, but apart.