Goldman Sachs in the Hot Seat

Goldman Sachs is on the hot seat as hearings begin over the financial giant's trading practices. INSIDE EDITION has the details of what was said at the hearings.

Fireworks at the Goldman Sachs hearings.

Committee chairman Carl Levin of Michigan unleashed the most shocking barrage of all.

Levin asked Goldman Sachs, "How much of that (expletive deleted) deal did you sell to your clients?"

Quoting a Goldman Sachs e-mail, he repeated the s-bomb twelve times in three minutes. Even Missouri's Claire McCaskill joined in.

"You knew it was a (expletive deleted) deal," said Levin,

Levin went on to say, "You didn't tell them you thought it was a (expletive deleted) deal."

"Your top priority to sell is that (expletive deleted) deal," continues Levin.

But the Washington fireworks were nothing compared to what happened in the Ukrainian parliament, where lawmakers brawled in the aisles, pelted each other with eggs, and even set off smoke bombs. The speaker of parliament actually had to hide behind umbrellas while eggs were hurled at him.

In one country, smoke bombs. In our own country, s-bombs.