Dr. Phil Airs Episode About Sex Offenders

Dr. Phil McGraw is answering the question so many parents are asking: Should they be worried about sex offenders in their neighborhood? According to Dr. Phil, the answer is yes. INSIDE EDITION reports.

"What people want to know, Dr. Phil, should we be concerned? The bottom line answer is yes," says Dr. Phil McGraw. He is talking about the threat from sex offenders living in neighborhoods across America.

"It's a very emotional topic, it's a very political topic, but we want to give people the actual answers about what the risk levels are," Dr. Phil explains.

It's the subject of Dr. Phil's April 28th episode on child molesters. Lisa Guerrero appears with Dr. Phil, talking about INSIDE EDITION recent report on the island off Seattle inhabited by sex offenders.

"You're willing to tell me that when you get out, if I live next door to you, there is a not a one per cent chance that you would ever hurt me?" Guerrero asked one offender.
"I can't say that," he said.
"Then that's scary," Guerrero told him.

On Dr. Phil's episode, Guerrero actually faces off with a sex offender who's appearing on the show as an expert, asking tough questions.