Some Defend Beyonce in Lip-Synch Controversy

It comes as a surprise to some that Beyoncé lip-synched the national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration, but it's not the first time it happened at a high-profile performance. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's day two of a star-spangled controversy over Beyonce lip-synching the national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration.

"Star-Spangled Scammer" reads the headline in the New York Daily News.

But others are coming to Beyonce's defense.

Gayle King said on CBS This Morning, "She's singing to her own voice if she was lip-synching. I agree with you, it's much ado about nada."

On Live with Kelly and Michael, Michael Strahan said, "I'm not disappointed at all. If that's the way you choose to do it, then great."

Kelly Ripa said, "We all know Beyonce can sing."

So, where is Beyonce riding out the storm? In New Orleans, where she just posted a photo at Mother's Restaurant.

She and husband Jay-Z flew to New Orleans right after the inauguration to rehearse for her half-time show at the Super Bowl on February 3.

We're learning more details about what's being called Beyonce-gate.

The Marine Corps band was actually pretending to play, right down to blowing into the instruments and banging the drums when she sang the Star-Spangled Banner.   

Michael Hogan, editor of The Huffington Post told INSIDE EDITION, "The last thing that anybody would have wanted was for people to think that this was not live music being played in the moment."

In contrast to Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson did sing live at the inauguration. Clarkson could be seen telling Beyonce, "It's so hard" when Clarkson walked back to her seat.

James Taylor also sang and played his guitar without lip-synching, but not Beyonce.

Now, some are wondering why Beyonce dramatically pulled out her ear piece if she was only lip-synching. Was it supposed to make her lip-synching more genuine?

Hogan said, "Her decision to remove the earpiece is a mystery to me. And, actually, I don't even understand how you can lip-synch without the earpiece."

Appearing on The Daily Show last night, Jennifer Lopez said she sympathized with Beyonce.

"Sometimes is happens when you're in certain stadiums and in certain venues. They do pre-record things, because you're going to have that terrible slap back."

This isn't the first time the "Star-Spangled Banner" has been lip-synched in front of millions of TV viewers watching live.

Whitney Houston's memorable performance at the 1991 Super Bowl was lip-synched, and it's considered one of the most stirring national anthems ever.

Of course, Beyonce's lip-synching has already inspired YouTube parodies. Even the Today show's Al Roker got in on the act, lip-synching to her track.