Son Defends Murderous Mom After She Tried To Pin Murder On Him

Radley Horwitz continues to defend his mother who killed his father, even after her lawyers attempted to pin the murder on him at her trial. INSIDE EDITION sat down with Radley to hear his side of the story.

Prosecutor Aleathea McRoberts reviewed the bloody evidence from a murder that shattered the quiet, upscale community of Jupiter, Florida.

"It was clear that she didn't know how to live with him, and didn't know how to live without him. She emptied not one, but [two] guns into her husband," McRoberts said to INSIDE EDITION.

66-year-old Donna Horwitz was arrested for the murder of her ex-husband Lanny Horwitz. The couple's son, Radley, came running when he heard gunfire inside their waterfront home.  He witnessed the last minutes of his father's life.

As if the shock of seeing his father's lifeless body wasn't enough, his mother was arrested for first-degree murder. She had been married to Lanny Horwitz twice and divorced twice, but they were living together once again.

Donna suspected he was cheating with another woman. According to McRoberts, “This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Radley said his mother was pushed to the mental breaking point. “If there ever was a case of temporary insanity, this was it. My mom was getting it from all sides," he said.

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The body was found with nine bullet wounds. Only one bullet fired missed its target. Prosecutors claimed that Donna opened fire on Lanny while he was in the shower.

McRoberts said, “The last shot was right into his mouth is a shot of an angry, angry woman.”

Radley stuck by his mom and defended her.  According to McRoberts, “He said from the very beginning to the detectives and anybody that would listen, 'My mom was really the victim in this case.'”

At trial, Donna and her lawyers shockingly tried to pin the crime on Radley, her own son. He was set to inherit half-million dollars, which was reason enough for murder, according to Donna’s lawyers.

Although Radley did not kill Lanny, he did not mind being called a killer.

When asked if he knew the lawyers would accuse him, Radley said, “He basically said to me when it was over, ‘No offense, my job is to do the best possible job for your mother, and if I have to throw you under the bus then I am going to do that.’”

Radley then said, “If it meant to help my mother, then paint me as awful as you want."

Donna was convicted of first degree murder and immediately sentenced to life in prison. Jurors said they never even considered Radley a possible killer.

After the trial, juror Jackie Lamb said, “The rest of the jurors and I felt that it was Donna all along.”

“She was not stopping until he was dead,” McRoberts said.

Radley Horwitz is represented by Gregory Morse, attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida.