Fathers And Daughters Make Solemn Pledge at Purity Ball

Fathers and unmarried daughters make a promise to protect her virginity until she's married at a growing phenomenon called a 'Purity Ball.' INSIDE EDITION paid a visit to one such ball in Louisiana.

It looked like a wedding with girls dancing with their dads, but it wasn’t. It was actually something called a "purity ball."

The phenomenon started in Colorado and is gaining popularity across the country.

INSIDE EDITION visited a purity ball in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Watch video of what we found here.

Young women made a solemn promise to their fathers to remain virgins until they get married. Their dads also made a written pledge to protect the virginity of their daughters.

The girls wore white gowns, with the dads dressed up as well. The fathers put tiaras on their daughters and purity rings on their ring fingers. There was even a cake that looked like a wedding cake.

12-year-old Tyra Lee took the very grown up pledge with her father, Marcus.

"My plans are to remain pure because I think you should be pure until you get married," Tyra said.

Marcus said, "She is my princess, my only daughter. I'm just thrilled to have her as my daughter."

Scott Ethridge, a minister, also took the pledge with his 15-year-old daughter Lizy. 

Lizy said, "I will remain a virgin until I am married."

What did Lizy's dad say to people who think the idea of a purity ball is a little odd?

Ethridge said, "It's not just about the physical aspect of it, but it’s about the thoughts and the intents of our heart."

At the purity ball, this was a sentiment shared by everyone.