Double Divas Hit the Road for New Lifetime Show

They're known at the Double Divas and they're hitting the road fitting women for bras in--of all places--a trailer. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the dynamic duo.

It's have bras, will travel!

The bra divas are going mobile.

Molly and Cynthia usually operate out of their shop in in Atlanta, Georgia, where they said they can  find the perfect  fit for any woman of any size — even the woman who says she has the world's largest breasts.

Now, they're hitting the road in a new mobile bra bus for the new reality series Double Divas, airing on Lifetime.

"It's a very big mobile message board because when you see the women on the side and they're not super stick figure, they're thicker girls," said Molly.

A hip hop dance crew filled with retirees received the gift of lift from the duo.

"They were totally jumping and they were flopping, and it was all over the place. Those ladies get down with the get down," said Cynthia.

The dancers piled into the bus and got the perfect bra fit.

"They can't wait to get on that bus. They line up. They love it. They queue up around the corner of it," said Molly and Cynthia.

Experts say wearing the wrong size bra can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also lead to back and neck problems.

Double Divas airs Thursday nights on Lifetime.