Dr. Conrad Murray Cries From Prison For Help

INSIDE EDITION has obtained a voice mail from Dr. Conrad Murray in jail, crying out for help from his constant pain.

Dr. Conrad Murray is speaking out from behind bars and he is in tears. The convicted doctor sobs uncontrollably and complains that he's in agony.

"I'm just asking for help! That's all I need, nothing more," says Murray. "I can't sleep now. It's very hard, and I'm in constant pain. All I'm asking for is, can somebody please help me, please!?"

INSIDE EDITION has obtained the voicemail Murray left for a friend in an urgent call he made at 2:30 am. Wednesday. He says he no longer has use of his arms.

"I've been in tears since about 2:30 in the morning. They've damaged my shoulder because of this constant handcuffs or the manacles that they place on me all the time. I can't use my hands anymore. I can barely use my hands. I have no more use of my arms."

INSIDE EDITION recently spoke with Dr. Murray's girlfriend and mother of his child, Nicole Alvarez, who told us Murray was suffering behind bars.

"He's lost a lot of weight. He's down about 25 pounds," said Alvarez.

On the recording, Murray says he had been calling everyone he knows, but can't reach anyone.

"I've been calling everybody I know to answer, nobody has picked up. I try to call my attorney, she can't even pick up the phone."

Attorney Tom Mesereau, who represented Michael Jackson says he doesn't feel sorry for the man convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop superstar.

Mesereau said, "He has no compassion for anyone else. He has never taken responsibility for Michael Jackson. I have no sympathy for this person whatsoever. Michael Jackson was a wonderful, kind, compassionate person. One of the greatest artists that ever lived, and his life was lost because of this man's selfishness. I have no feelings for this guy. No compassion for him. And I really couldn't even listen to the whole phone call. I stopped listening to it. It was so...it was just disgusting."