World War II Veteran's Home Vandalized

Marine veterans come to the aid of a World War II vet after the home he built with his own hands was trashed by vandals. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Imagine coming home to find your whole house, walls and furniture, spray-painted with graffiti by burglars.

Just about everything you own; family heirlooms and even a new TV, ruined.

Whats most upsetting is that it happened to a real life American hero. 93-year-old Elbert Wood earned the Purple Heart fighting with the Marines in World War II.

After the War, Elbert built a house in Houston with his own hands, where he raised his family, only to see it trashed.

His son, Matthew, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the damage.

Matthew said, "It wasn't bad enough that they'd stolen stuff. But then they decided to tear things up and spray paint everything, added insult to injury."

What happened to Elbert's home has triggered outrage across America.

But, amazingly, his Marine brothers are coming to his aid. The heroes of one generation reaching out to help a hero of another.  

A few good men volunteered to repair the damage and do other much needed renovations.  

About 20 Marines in combat fatigues gave Elbert's house a complete makeover, proving that famous Marine Motto, "Semper Fi" (always faithful), isn't just words.

Elbert is living nearby until all the work is done and says he's proud to see the Marines step up to help.

Elbert said, "I'm amazed that so much kindness has been sent my way."