INSIDE EDITION Gets an Exclusive Peek into Larry Hagman's Stunning Homes

Larry Hagman's spectacular homes put Southfork Ranch to shame, and INSIDE EDITION got an exclusive tour inside.

INSIDE EDITION brought the very first cameras into the magnificent hilltop mansion where Dallas star Larry Hagman hung his ten-gallon hat.

Hagman's daughter, Kristina, took INSIDE EDITION on an exclusive tour of his palatial mansion in Ojai, California.

The property is 43 acres in secluded Ojai, 90 minutes north of Los Angeles. Hagman called his 20,000 square foot mansion "heaven."

The living room alone is over two thousand square feet, just as large as a hotel lobby. In addition, one of his five pools was actually in the living room!

The house has nine bedrooms and eleven bathrooms.
Hagman built the estate for his beloved wife of 58 years, Maj. She now suffers from severe Alzheimer's and is living in a nursing home. She is not aware that her husband died last November.

"My mom does have Alzheimer's — it's a very devastating disease. It's devastating for the whole family. She needs 24/7 care and it's not easy," said Kristina.
When Maj became ill, the Hagman's needed to be closer to her doctors, so they moved to a penthouse in an exclusive condo built into the bluffs above the beach in Santa Monica. To get there, you take a private glass elevator that opens right into his apartment.

Realtor David Solomon gave INSIDE EDITION an exclusive tour of Hagman's 3,100 square foot penthouse. The master bathroom is bigger than some apartments in New York, with a super-sized shower built for four.

"You could probably have a party in there if you wanted," Solomon said.
The penthouse is listed for $5.2 million and the ranch in Ojai for a mere $6.5 million. A bargain when you consider that Hagman spent $12 million just to build it.