Katherine Webb Gets Reaction From Ravens Cheerleaders

INSIDE EDITION's special Super Bowl correspondent Katherine Webb gets reaction from the Baltimore Ravens cheerleading squad on the latest controversy, and got some last-minute cheerleading practice.

The Baltimore Raven's cheerleading squad is getting in a last-minute practice before the big game, but a special guest joined the team.

It was INSIDE EDITION's special Super Bowl correspondent, America's new it girl, Katherine Webb.

"I'm living my dream right now," said Webb.

It isn't as easy as looks as Webb discovered after a few mistakes. But before long, she looks like a pro. Well, almost.

It wasn't all fun and games. Webb just had to ask the team captains about the controversy that's following them to the Super Bowl.

Fellow Ravens cheerleader, Courtney Lenz says she was barred from cheering in the Super Bowl for gaining a mere two pounds.

Lenz told INSIDE EDITION, "I'm still in shock. I just can't believe that they would do this."

It was going to be Courtney Lenz's last chance at cheering at a Super Bowl, because she's retiring from the squad.

Webb asked one cheerleading squad member, "Do you think that she should be able to cheer, especially since it's her last game?"

"Well I'm retiring and so is Dana. You know, it's sad that I have to hang up my megaphone and she has to hang up her pom poms. But the NFL was pretty strict and they only allowed us to bring 32 members of our team, so 26 of them are sitting at home right now. But you know, when the Ravens win we're going to go home and celebrate with them," said the cheerleader.

Of course, the Raven's aren't the only ones getting in some last-minute practice. Webb also got to learn some moves with the San Francisco 49'ers cheerleading team.