Behind-the-Scenes at Super Bowl 47

From the blackout to Beyonce, INSIDE EDITION reports from behind-the-scenes at one memorable Super Bowl.

Superbowl 47 will forever be known as the Blackout Bowl—the night the lights went out.

The power outage in the third quarter darkened the Superdome for 35 minutes. Fans, players, and a worldwide TV audience waited, and waited.

The celebs in New Orleans for the game were buzzing about the blackout. INSIDE EDITION found John Travolta in The Big Easy.

Travolta said, "I think all that electricity from Beyonce blew it out."

Beyonce's super-charged halftime show didn't cause the blackout—it just seemed that way.

She killed it. Lighting up the stadium with 135 backup dancers and the Destiny's Child reunion many were hoping for. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams actually popped out of the stage.

During the 12-minute show, Beyonce left no doubt she was singing live. Tearing off pieces of her  super-sexy outfit along the way.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander reported from the field of the halftime show where the atmosphere was electric, with thousands of people so ecstatic to see Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle together again for a Destiny's child reunion.

What you didn't see on TV was hundreds of volunteers scrambling to set up the elaborate stage. Believe it or not, they had just six minutes.

Alexander spoke with a breathless Beyonce at the end of the game.

"I'm just really happy with the results," said Beyonce.

Alexander asked, "What was it like out there?"

"Adrenaline! When that fire went off on the stage, honestly, I don't remember anything. It was like I was in another zone," said Beyonce.

Alexander asked Rowland and Williams, "Ladies, how did it feel?"

"Wonderful!" said Rowland.

"It was fun. It was a great performance," said Williams.

Beyonce chimed in, "They were fierce, honey. Gone With the Wind fabulous!"

So what did hubby Jay-Z think? He gave a proud thumbs-up to our cameras. An Instagram shot captures him giving Beyonce a congratulatory hug.

Alexander got an exclusive look inside Beyonce's exclusive VIP suite where her friends and family enjoyed the game after her halftime performance. The suite had food and beverage at beck and call, with lots of places to lounge around and a terrific view of the field.

Alicia Keys sang the national anthem and she looked super cool when we spotted her striding on to the field, hand-in-hand with her husband.

As she left the stadium she said, "It was fantastic! Unforgettable!!"

Later, Beyonce posted a handwritten note on Instagram, congratulating her fellow performers: "What a proud day for African-American women!"

And the Super Bowl will go down in history as the most watched ever, with an estimated 115 million viewers. It also lit up Twitter, generating the most tweets of any Super Bowl with 24.1 million. The peak moment came as Beyonce was wrapping up the halftime show, when Twitter recorded 268,000 messages per minute.

One came from first lady Michelle Obama herself: "Watching the Super Bowl with family & friends. Beyonce was phenomenal! I am so proud of her!"

Now, back to that power outage. INSIDE EDITION's special Super Bowl correspondent Katherine Webb was backstage reporting, "Everyone is going crazy trying to figure out what is going on."

60 Minutes sports cameras were in the control room at the Superdome the moment the lights went out.

Confusion reigned as producers tried to figure out just what was going on.

Alexander caught up with Mioshi Johnson, wife of Baltimore Ravens player Chris Johnson, asking, "What is your husband going through, do you think, having to pause during this game."

"It's hard. It's hard to be so up right after halftime. You're down trying to get your breath, and then to start all over. I'm pretty sure right now he's an emotional roller coaster," said Mioshi.

Officials released a statement explaining power to the Superdome was cut after "a piece of equipment that is designed to monitor electrical load sensed an abnormality in the system."

When the lights came back on, so did the San Francisco 49ers, who had a come-from-behind surge.

The longest Superbowl in history was a nailbiter. But in the end, the Ravens were crowned Superbowl champs.

Coach John Harbough bested his younger brother, Jim, the first brothers to face off as Super Bowl coaches.

CBS Sports asked John, "How hard was it going against your brother out there?"

"It was really hard. The end of the game was the hardest thing I've ever experienced," said John.

"What did you say to him?"

"I told him I loved him," said John.

For their parents, it was a win either way.