Calvin Klein Model, Senior Citizens and Farmers Make Impact in Super Bowl Ads

From a hunky model to partying senior citizens, INSIDE EDITION caught up with the stars of some of the biggest Super Bowl ads.

He's ab-solutely fabulous, with six-pack abs that have the whole country going wild.

Matt Terry shot to instant fame in this red-hot Calvin Klein Super Bowl ad. And now, America's newest "it" guy is basking in the glory that a washboard stomach brings.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander caught up with Terry and said, "So, let's find out if your abs are real. Do you mind?"

Terry lifted up his shirt for Alexander to feel and said, "No. By all means."

Alexander's touch of his chisled abs confirmed, "Yeah, they're real. Oh, and're welcome."

Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION caught up with the the senior citizens who starred in that controversial Super Bowl Taco Bell ad.

Beverly Polcyn and Ernie Misko met INSIDE EDITION at a Taco Bell in Los Angeles.

She's 84. He's 76. And neither of them act their age as seen by the ad showing them on a wild night out.

And how about that "make-out" scene?

Beverly said, "The little makeout scene? I said 'yes.' I've had a little experience!"

Bill O'Reilly flat-out hated the ad.

"Taco Bell's ad turned my stomach. We need to care for our elderly, not demean them," said O'Reilly.

But that's not how Ernie and Beverly see it.

"It was just incredible fun," said Ernie.

"Grandmas and grandpas, you know, we've still got it," said Beverly.

And finally, people are still talking about those inspirational words you heard during that Super Bowl ad for Dodge Ram pickup trucks.

Those words were actually spoken 35 years ago by a man who is no longer with us. Paul Harvey was a legendary radio broadcaster who died in 2009.

Chrysler took two minutes from a speech Harvey gave at a 1978 Future Farmers of America convention to voice an ad nobody will ever forget.