Rihanna Makes Surprise Courtroom Appearance To Support Chris Brown

Rihanna is facing fallout after she supported Chris Brown at his probation hearing for brutally beating her in 2009. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Is she nuts?

That's the stunned reaction to Rihanna's surprise courtroom appearance alongside Chris Brown, the man who beat her in 2009.

Rihanna sat in the courtroom as her boyfriend faced charges that he lied about completing the community service he had been sentenced to.

Kristine Lazar, a reporter for KCAL-TV was in the courtroom. She said, “There were audible gasps in the courtroom when she walked in. Nobody expected to see her here, after all Brown was in court because of what he did to her!”

Rihanna sat beside Brown's mother. She even blew him a kiss and held his hand.

In Thursday's New York Post, columnist Andrea Peyser really ripped into Rihanna, calling her "a disgrace to women, she humiliated herself. Trailing brown like an idiot puppy."

Tonya Brown is speaking to INSIDE EDITION, she has been an advocate for battered women ever since her sister, Nicole Brown-Simpson was abused by O.J. Simpson. Brown said, "Rhianna, seriously, if you do not get help you could end up like my sister."

All this comes just days before the Grammys and rumors are flying that the Rihanna and Brown will perform together onstage.

Grammy organizers are not commenting. But at the Staples Center in L.A., INSIDE EDITION found Rihanna's seat. The chair next to her is unassigned. Could it be for Chris Brown?

L.A. officials accuse brown of going on vacation in Cancun and Dubai when he claimed to be picking up trash as part of his court-ordered community service.

Brown's high powered attorney, Mark Geragos  says the D.A. is quote "torturing' his client.

Garagos said, "It's a joke. It's outrageous."

As for Rihanna's presence in court, “She thinks it's ridiculous what's happening to him,” said Garagos.

Rihanna and Brown left court together speeding away in a black SUV with tinted windows.