Oprah's Reaction to Rielle Hunter

John Edwards's mistress Rielle Hunter gave her first TV interview on Oprah Winfrey's show, and Oprah didn't hold back. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter giggled nervously during her first TV interview, and Oprah was clearly not amused.

Oprah said, "When I interviewed Elizabeth Edwards last year, she couldn't believe a woman like yourself, who could stand outside a bar, and say to a married man, 'You're hot!' Who does that?"

"Well, I did it!" said Rielle.

At times Oprah could barely hide her disgust.

"He's denied you, denied your child, lied on national television point blank. What makes you think he's not lying to you?" asked Oprah.

Another hot topic? That infamous sex tape.

Oprah asked, "Was John Edwards upset with you that that tape had not been destroyed?"

"I think he's a mortified, exposed, as I am," replied Hunter.

Another scandal erupted when Rielle posed for GQ magazine without her pants on.

Hunter said, "What a mistake that was! Huge mistake!"

"What were you thinking? Honest to goodness, because you actually have to take your pants off!" Oprah asked her.

And there was one more moment where Oprah couldn't hide her disdain when she asked, "How did John Edwards react when you told him you were pregnant?"

"He was very gracious," said Hunter.

"Come on!" responded Oprah.