Man Accused of Slapping Baby On A Plane And Using Racial Slur

The business executive who made headlines after allegedly assaulting a toddler on an airplane is now out of a job. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

An adorable little boy was allegedly slapped in the face by an airline passenger, and authorities said the business executive also used the "N" word when he attacked the boy.

Jessica Bennett and her adopted son, Jonah, were on a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta.

Jessica said the man in the next seat, identified as Joe Hundley, was not happy about sitting next to 19-month-old Jonah.

"He rolled his eyes and breathed heavy and was very unfriendly. He also reeked of alcohol," Bennett said.

Jessica said when Jonah began crying because his ears were hurting during landing, things came to a head with the passenger.

"He looked right at me and just shook his head and said in the most hateful way, 'effing n-word,'" she said.

"I said to him, 'What did you just say to me?' and at that point he actually fell onto my face and just moved his mouth over to my ear and he said it even more hateful and louder. Then he hit Jonah," she said.

Court documents said another passenger "heard derogatory language" and "saw Hundley strike" the child.

Hundley was President of a division of AGC Aerospace and Defense. The company called the executive's behavior "offensive and disturbing" and added he "is no longer employed with the company."

Hundley's lawyer said he will be pleading not guilty to assaulting little Jonah.

Hundley could get a year in prison if he's convicted of the assault charge.