Alec Baldwin's Wife Defends Him Against Alleged Racial Slur

Alec Baldwin's wife is coming to his defense amid claims he lashed out at a photographer with a racial slur. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria returned home Tuesday amid claims he used racist language.

As photographers followed Hilaria on a New York street, she said, "Hey, guys, you know I'm pregnant right? Then step aside."

The NYPD is reportedly investigating Baldwin's alleged rant against a New York Post photographer as a hate crime.

He allegedly called the photographer, a retired African-American NYPD detective, a "crackhead," a "drug dealer" and a racial epithet that's not suitable for broadcast.
Baldwin denied he said those things, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "The claim of racist remarks is one of the most outrageous things I've heard in my life."

Hilaria weighed in, tweeting: "Shame on anyone who says my husband is a racist.  If you could only see/hear the dangerous things paparazzi will do & the lies to get a story."

Baldwin's 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan was asked about the controversy by a radio DJ.

Morgan said, "If he called somebody a (blank), he should apologize."

DJ said: "He never said anything to you, right?"

Morgan said, "No, he never got really like that. I'm just saying, if anyone calls anybody a derogatory statement like (blank) I think he should [be] made to apologize. There's no excuse for that in your 50s." [Source: Drex and Maney Mornings, KISS 95.1, Charlotte, NC]

INSIDE EDITION tried to get Baldwin's side of the story Tuesday, but he was tight-lipped.

According to the Post, Baldwin also told their reporter, "I want you to choke to death." A remark the newspaper says it has on audio tape.