Mindy McCready's Final Desperate Plea

INSIDE EDITION has obtained the last desperate phone call made by Mindy McCready to a close friend in an attempt to get her children back.

One of the last desperate phone calls made by troubled country singer Mindy McCready just before her tragic suicide has been released. She was begging her friend, private investigator, Danno Hanks, to help her regain custody of her children. She wanted him to hire a lawyer for her.

She said, “I need help. I need help!”

Hanks said, “I understand. I understand. I'm going to try to get this guy to get involved without you calling him, but honey you got to hold it together there.”

McCready screamed, “Call him! Call him!”

McCready becomes more and more distraught. She says she can't go on living without her two sons, who had been placed in foster care the last month of her life.

She said, “I love my children so much. They are all I have to live for. Do you think I give a giant [expletive deleted] about singing? Or being Mindy McCready? Or being a country singer? Do you think I care one little bit? No! I don't. I don't care one bit. All I want is my children."

In the call, she pours her heart out about how desperately she misses her lover, David Wilson. He died of a gunshot wound on the front porch of their home in Arkansas on January 13.

She said, “He's gone. I can't get him back. I would do anything. I'd do anything! I would do anything to get him back. But I can't. I never will."

She's in agony, wishing she could have helped him fulfill his dream of becoming a famous music producer.

“He wanted the gratification. He wanted to be known. He wanted so much for everybody to know who he was, and what he had done,” she said.

She said, “I love him. I love him eternally. I would do anything. I mean I would change places with him. I would do anything for him to get to live. 'Cause I’ve gotten to live this life. I've gotten to be a superstar. I was the biggest and the best, and I was the [expletive deleted!"

The call gives insight into the profound dysfunction of the doomed lover's relationship.

"I couldn't do it all. I couldn't be a mom to two children and him at the same time. I was failing miserably," she said.

In the final days of her life Mindy McCready used her beautiful voice to record a love song to David Wilson. It’s called, "I’ll See You Yesterday" and it's about love, loss and suicide.

She meant it to be used in a suicide prevention commercial, but it seems she was already planning on taking her own life.  Listen to what she told her friend.

Hanks told INSIDE EDITION, "I said when should I release this song. And she said you will know the time."

Meanwhile, Dr. Drew Pinsky is on the defensive. McCready is one of five celebrities who have died after appearing on his VH1 reality series Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He appeared on CNN to defend his show after McCready's suicide.

He said, “She had a long history of drug abuse to the point that she had a withdrawal seizure. She also had mental health issues, and you couple that and it's a deadly combination!”