Exclusive: Mackenzie Phillips Speaks About Mindy McCready's Suicide

In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, Mackenzie Phillips speaks about the suicide of her friend and Celebrity Rehab roommate, Mindy McCready.

Mackenzie Phillips spoke out to the suicide of her Celebrity Rehab roommate Mindy McCready, saying, "It's horrible! It's horrible! Oh my God, the whole thing is horrible!"

The tragedy continues to grip the nation. McCready's beautiful face graced the cover of the new issue of People magazine, which asks the question, "How did she fall so far?"

McCready and Mackenzie, who famously starred on the classic sitcom, One Day at a Time, became friends when they met on Celebrity Rehab in 2010.

Mackenzie was there when Mindy suffered a terrifying seizure triggered by drug withdrawal. People were wondering why Mackenzie was, at first, smiling.

"I thought she was just goofing around. Then I was like, crap! This is real. I was like, crazed, running up the hall, 'Nurse! Nurse! She's having a seizure! She's having a seizure!'" she said.

Mackenzie also lashed out at critics of the host of Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

She said, "Good Lord! Dr. Drew wasn't Mindy's physician for the last four years!"

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Dr. Drew has come under fire because Mindy McCready is the fifth celebrity who has died after appearing on the now cancelled VH1 reality series.

The headline in The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday was, "Dr. Drew's Death Toll Has Critics Charging Exploitation."

When asked if she felt the show exploited people, Mackenzie said, "Drew Pinksy is the kindest, his motives aren't suspect."

Dr. Drew defended himself on his HLN show, saying,  "Some misinformation about Mindy, her issues, and Celebrity Rehab keep surfing around. So I want to give people a chance to speak their mind about it. I've been trying to clarify things and people don't seem to hear it."

Mackenzie is now dealing with the sad details revealed in People magazine.

The woman who was once the darling of Nashville was reportedly living in squalor in a tiny home in Arkansas when she took her own life.

"The bed wasn't made - it was just a bare mattress. The kitchen counter, nightstand, and bathroom were full of prescription pills," People magazine said. 

Mackenzie said, "Mindy had depression. People who suffer from severe depression believe there's no way out."

Mackenzie hopes her friend is at peace now, something she never seemed to find in life. 

"She was a princess. She was a beautiful, troubled, princess," Mackenzie said.