Prosthetic Legs A Point of Focus For Prosecutors In Oscar Pistorius Case

Bullet trajectory and prosthetic legs were the latest focal points for the prosecution in the Oscar Pistorius case. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Were his legs on or off?

That's the key question blade runner Oscar Pistorius is facing today as prosecutors tried to poke holes in his version of how he blew away his beautiful model girlfriend.

In court Wednesday, prosectors presented a floor plan of Pistorius's mansion, showing his bedroom and the bathroom where model Reeva Steenkamp was killed. Photos from inside the bathroom show the toilet Steenkamp was sitting on when she died.

Pistorius claims he heard an intruder in the bathroom, so he grabbed his gun and made his way on his stumps from his bedroom all the way to the bathroom and then shot upwards through the door.

"I felt a sense of terror rushing over me. I did not have my prosthetic legs and felt extremely vulnerable," said Pistorius.

But the prosecution claims Pistorius took the time to strap on his prosthethic legs, then strode to the bathroom and fired, fully aware that his girlfriend was behind the locked door.

They say the downward trajectory of the bullets proves that Pistorius was in a standing position, leading the lead prosecutor to say, "If I arm myself, walk a distance and murder a person, that is premeditated."

Pistorius sobbed as prosecutors questioned his story. But the judge, fed up with his tears, told the Olympic hero to stop bawling.