The 2013 Oscars A Night For Hollywood To Remember

INSIDE EDITION was on the red carpet and behind-the-scenes of Hollywood's biggest night with the moments you didn't see on TV.

It was the moment of a lifetime for 22-year-old best actress winner Jennifer Lawrence, but then she fell as she climbed the stairs to receive her Oscar®.

KCAL reporter Serene Branson said, "That was an awkward moment. We were all watching it and you can kind of hear the crowd outside on Sunset Boulevard scream and go 'Oh!'"

Lawrence tripped over her sweeping Dior gown, and Hugh Jackman rushed to help her up. But she got to her feet by herself and handled her embarrassment with grace and humor.  

She said, "You're just standing because you feel bad that I fell and it's embarrassing."

A photo of the star backstage is causing uproar as a picture of the actress flipping the bird at a journalist is raising eyebrows. The Best Actress winner was goofing around all night long.

Superstar couple George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler lit up the night. Clooney was a producer of Argo.

Clooney told INSIDE EDITION, "I have been the front runner a few times and lost. For us it is just a really fun night."

A popular accessory this year were the mom-inees.Bradley Cooper and Charlize Theron both brought mom as their plus one.

Nominee Sally Field kept son Samuel close by. He even fixed the Lincoln star's makeup.

Field told INSIDE EDITION, "I am extremely honored to be a part of the film and I know we are all thrilled to receive so much recognition from everyone."

Nominee Jessica Chastain brought her grandma. Chastain crossed the velvet rope to sign autographs for fans, so did Best Actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis.

Best Original Screenplay winner Quentin Tarantino also got up close and personal with fans.

Kristen Stewart had quite a challenge of walking the red carpet on crutches. Stewart didn't so much walk the red carpet, she hobbled it! "I am an idiot," she said. She had cut her foot on a piece of glass, but put on a brave face as she paired crutches with her couture.

KCBS/KCAL entertainment reporter Suzanne Marques told INSIDE EDITION, "Kristen Stewart going down the red carpet with crutches in a gorgeous gown. She had modesty."

The emotional highlight of the evening came when Argo won for Best Picture and director Ben Affleck broke down as he mentioned his three children with wife Jennifer Garner.

He said, "Violet, Sam, Sera, I love you, this is for you."

Les Miserables has been a big success at the box office and it led to a night of musical celebrations. Spectacular musical performances from Oscar® winning movies of the past like Dreamgirls and Chicago brought the star-studded audience to its feet. Another highlight came when the cast of Les Miserables reunited on stage.

Adele took home Best Song for Skyfall from the latest James Bond installment. Another musical highlight was 76-year-old Dame Shirley Bassey singing "Goldfinger," for a special 007 tribute. 

Barbra Streisand performed at the awards for the first time in almost 40 years singing “The Way We Were” in tribute to late composer Marvin Hamlisch.

As expected, Anne Hathaway took home the award for Best Supporting Actress.

Daniel Day-Lewis made history as the first to ever win Best Actor Oscar® three times. This time, for Lincoln.

He joked, "Meryl [Streep] was Steven's [Speilberg] first choice for Lincoln, I would like to see that version."

Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts made a big return to the red carpet after her medical crisis. It was at last year's Oscars® that she felt so exhausted, she went to the doctor as soon as she got back to New York.

For the first time ever, Seth MacFarlane handled the hosting duties this year. So, how did he do?

He had some zingers and also paid tribute to old Hollywood with a romantic dance by Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum. But some critics are calling parts of MacFarlane's act, not particularly funny, and also sexist.

Branson said, "I had really high hopes for Seth. I love him, I am a really big fan of his work, Family Guy, Ted. I think he fell short."

MacFarlane's opening stretched to a lengthy 22 minutes. In one of his long back-and-forth moments with William Shatner, a mock headline flashed onscreen calling MacFarlane the “Worst Host Ever.” Now, MacFarlane faces the same headline, except it's real.

The View's Joy Behar said, "If you are going to be edgy. You are going to have to be funny. I really love Seth, but it was not funny enough."

INSIDE EDITION has details on a flood inside the Dolby Theater.

There was a flood before the show even began. 30 minutes before airtime, a pipe burst in the woman's bathroom sending water flooding into the lobby just as stars were arriving. The woman in the bathroom at the time was the mom of a nominated director. According to eyewitnesses, the poor woman was drenched. Two huge wet vacuum cleaners were needed to clean up all the water.