Emotional Final Farewell to Mindy McCready

Family and friends said a final farewell to country star Mindy McCready. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A sad farewell to Mindy McCready as the country star was laid to rest in her hometown of Fort Myers, Florida.

More than 400 people came to say goodbye. The last song Mindy recorded during her final days played over the loudspeaker as mourners filed in.

Mindy's mother, Melody, wept and hugged friends who came to support her on the difficult day, as she buried her daughter.

In her eulogy, Mindy's mom said, "She is, and always will be, our precious daughter."

Mindy's three younger brothers were among the pallbearers.

Mindy's step-father, Michael, weighed-in on the controversy surrounding Dr. Drew Pinsky's treatment of Mindy on Celebrity Rehab, saying, "As far as I'm concerned, she was misdiagnosed on there. Dr. Drew should have called my wife and found out some things. And he might have had a whole different approach."

A beautiful painting of Mindy sat on the dais next to her casket.