Viral Murder Prank Video Causes Uproar

It's the video prank that some say went too far when a fake murder was staged to promote a new movie. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Does one viral video go too far?

It looked like a murder taking place inside an elevator.

One man who came upon the scene walked away, just like two other guys carrying a couch.

Others tried to stop it. One woman swung flowers and another who tried to drag the victim out of the elevator.

Another man actually used a fire extinguisher to try and break it up. 

Another guy received the most outraged reaction of all because he videotaped the whole thing on his cell phone. 

It all looked very real, but it was actually a viral video campaign to promote a movie.

The shocking video was filmed in a New York City elevator and it's been viewed more than one million times since it was posted on YouTube just two days ago.  

Now the filmmakers are under fire with critics saying the prank could have turned into tragedy.

"If someone opens those elevator doors and has a heart attack from what they see, then it's not a promotional campaign anymore," Matt Lauer said on the Today show.

Natalie Morales added, "Imagine if it was an undercover cop with a weapon."

"What a risky and dumb idea!" said one internet critic.

"What if when the elevator opens someone with a bad heart has a heart attack?" said another.

INSIDE EDITION tracked down one of the actors in the shocking video the whole nation is talking about.  Vincent Grosso was the victim who was being murdered.

"It was completely professionally done. We have experts, creative people, and everyone was very aware of what they were doing," he said.

The prank was shot as a publicity stunt to promote the upcoming Colin Farrell movie, Dead Man Down.

The ad agency responsible for the elevator video, Thinkmodo, also produced the viral video of women in a beauty parlor being shocked by a ghost in the mirror. 

The agency said it took what it called "extensive precautions"  to make sure no one who came across the stunt was in any danger.

All the reactions are real except for the guy on the cell phone. He turned out to be an actor as well.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd said, "People are saying you are the worst human being in the world. Why didn't you help this guy? How is that sitting with you?"

"it's a little overwhelming, but I just try to remember that all that hate is directed at a character," he said.