Exclusive Video Of Jodi Arias And Travis Alexander Emerges Amidst Murder Trial

INSIDE EDITION has obtained just-discovered video of Jodi Arias before her trial, that eeriely echoes details from her murder trial.

Just-discovered video has surfaced showing Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander, the boyfriend she would later kill.

The video shows Alexander doing the "Chicken Dance" with other revellers at a party just weeks before he was found slain in June 2008.

Arias can be seen holding a camera, and after taking photos she scampered across the room.

INSIDE EDITION has also obtained newly discovered video of the couple with Alexander telling friends a dramatic story about being mugged at gunpoint. A blonde-haired Arias sat next to him.

"I got this gun against my head and I was, all he needs to do is squeeze," Alexander said.

It was an eerie echo of the way Arias killed Alexander, shooting him in the head, then stabbing him repeatedly.

"I'm seeing myself face down in blood, in a pool of blood I'm like this is death," he said.

The video was given to INSIDE EDITION by two friends of Alexander, Holly and Jacob Mefford. They were all attending a business meeting in Oklahoma. They said Arias seemed to make a show of being bored by the story, even curling up in his lap to take a nap.

"She acted like she didn't care. She wasn't interested in his story, like it didn't make a difference in her life," Holly said.

Jodi has been testifying at her trial for a marathon 17 days. On Thursday, she continued answering 150 questions from the jurors who will decide her fate, including, "Why were you afraid of the consequences if you killed Travis in self defense?"

Jodi is claiming she stabbed Travis in self-defense, but his friends say that's impossible.

"The only thing she's got is to make Travis into a monster, and she's the monster," Jacob said.

Watching these brief images of Travis in happier times brings tears rolling down Holly's cheeks.

"You meet some people in your life, and you don't realize their worth until they're gone. And I think Travis was one of those people," she said.