Raging Backdraft Erupts As Firefighters Scramble To Fight Blaze

A backdraft explosion ripped through a burning home as firefighters fought the raging inferno. INSIDE EDITION talks to one witness who caught the nightmare on video.

A chaotic scene was captured on video as a firefighter's worst nightmare came to life.

In the video, what seemed to be a relatively simple smoky fire exploded with stunning force, thanks to the dreaded backdraft.

Bystanders were heard screaming in shock.

The video is a real-life version of the 1991 movie, Backdraft.

The backdraft phenomenon takes place when a fire is suddenly boosted by a fresh supply of oxygen.  

A training video showed what happens. A firefighter lets oxygen in by opening a door and flames explode out.

One witness said, "All you need is an entrance of more oxygen and it's just a massive explosion. Massive explosion."

The cell phone video was shot by a neighbor in Harrison, New Jersey.

Dan Ditullio told INSIDE EDITION he and his wife dove to the ground when the blast ripped through the neighborhood.

Ditullio said, "I just said ‘cover your eyes, cover your eyes, cover your eyes’, because the windows popped out. I saw glass flying."

Videos posted on YouTube show the ferocity of other backdraft explosions. A similar backdraft happened at a home in East Houston, Texas.

Five firefighters are recovering after the weekend blast in New Jersey.