What's Behind The Bachelor's Born Again Virgin Status?

Bachelor star Sean Lowe is saving himself for marriage as part of a new trend called "Born Again Virgins." INSIDE EDITION takes a look at who else is part of the movement.

Bachelor star Sean Lowe will forever be known as "The Virgin Bachelor!"

He said on a recent episode, "I just want to stay up with her all night, just talking. That would be the perfect ending for this day."

29-year-old Lowe, a former model, "Doesn't want to have sex until he's married," a source told US Weekly magazine, "It’s very important to him."

More high-profile people are part of the born-again virgin movement.

Meagan Good, a star of TV’s Deception, and her husband, Sony executive DeVon Franklin, didn't have sex until their wedding night last summer. Bristol Palin has also said she's a born again virgin after having a son with her ex, Levi Johnston.

The controversial TLC show The Virgin Diaries followed a group of virgins who said they were saving themselves for marriage. One couple shared an awkward first kiss on their wedding day, it turned out to be their first kiss to anyone, ever.

As for The Bachelor, series creator Mike Fleiss has said, the average bachelor sleeps with three women each season. But not Sean Lowe. He reportedly still hasn't slept with the woman he proposed to on the show, Catherine Giudici.