Jeff Gordon Test Drive Video, Is It Real Or Fake?

A video featuring NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon in disguise taking a car salesman for the ride of his life has many asking if it's real or fake. INSIDE EDITION takes a look.

It's the commercial that has everybody talking, as a car salesman is taken for the most terrifying test drive ever.

The driver is NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon in disguise, and when the ride ends, the salesman goes nuts, until they let him in on the joke.

The salesman screamed, "I'm calling the cops!"

Gordon confessed, "It's just a prank! Look, I’m Jeff Gordon!"

This pedal-to-the metal ad for Pepsi Max has gone viral, but is it for real?

It was so real to one viewer he actually feared for the salesman's life. He wrote, "I didn't find that humorous at all! That guy could have had a heart attack!"

But others are saying it is fake.

Travis Okulski writes for an automotive website Jalopnik. Check out his headline: “Totally 100% Fake!"

"It is a real ad. Jeff Gordon did not do any of the real driving and the guy was not a salesman, he was an actor," said Okulski.

Here’s what we've learned about the ad. It was shot at the Troutman Motors car dealership in Concord, North Carolina. INSIDE EDITION tried reaching the dealership, but nobody there is commenting on the ad, they've signed non-disclosure forms.

This isn't the first time Pepsi Max has delivered an ad that's gone viral.

Their "Uncle Drew" commercial featured an elderly man playing dazzling basketball. As it turns out, it was NBA star Kyrie Irving in disguise. That ad racked up more than 20 million views.

Jeff Gordon is standing by the new ad, tweeting, "I went for a test drive. Car salesman may never be the same. U gotta watch!"

People are watching, all right.

Adweek staff writer Emma Bazilian said, "I think the shock value is totally getting attention. That's what viral marketing is all about."

And that spells success for this hair-raising commercial.