Dog Swallows 111 Pennies

A New York City dog was rushed to the vet after the owner sensed something was not right. What they found inside the dog's stomach astounded everyone. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Tim Kelleher just knew things weren't right with his dog, Jack.

He said, "I realized things were not right when he kept getting sick."

It was confirmed when he rushed the 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier to the vet.

Kelleher said, “When I saw the x-rays I almost fell over.”

That's when he remembered that his dog had knocked over a box of pennies the day before. He wondered if Jack had eaten a penny or two.   

Dr. Amy Zalzman of the Blue Pearl Veterinary Clinic in New York City used a scope with a camera and a tiny net to go down Jack's throat and into his stomach. She started pulling out five pennies at a time and laying them out on a table. When the procedure was done, the tally shocked everyone

“The X-ray showed he ate a lot of metal material. We found 111 pennies in his belly,” said Dr. Zalzman.

That's right, 111 pennies. The vet and her colleagues were stunned by the volume.  

Dr. Zalzman said, “We get cases of one or two pennies, but this staggering number really makes this stand out.”

And as soon as the last coin was out, the little guy was up and running and looking for something to eat.

Kelleher said to Jack, "Jack don't eat the pennies, ok buddy?"