Elin Comes Home

Elin Woods returns to the U.S. just as more photos of Tiger Woods's mistresses hit the newsstands in the new issue of Vanity Fair. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Tiger Woods's wife Elin stepped off a private jet at Orlando airport after a flight from her native Sweden.

She was holding their 2-year-old daughter Sam in her arms.
But she is coming home to more heartbreak. A provocative photo spread has appeared in the new Vanity Fair magazine.

Former mistress Joslyn James lounges poolside and sips champagne in a gold bikini with a real tiger close by, and has tattoos of Chinese characters on her thigh.    

As first revealed on INSIDE EDITION, Joslyn says she twice became pregnant with Tiger but had a miscarriage and then an abortion.  

31-year-old dancer Cori Rist says she and Woods used another sports superstar's Manhattan apartment for trysts. She reveals the golfer is extremely jealous.

"From the moment I'd wake up, he'd be texting: 'Who's with you? Are you alone?' It was almost like high school. He needed constant attention and reassurance."

Party girl Jaimee Grubbs says when she first met Woods he tried to get her into a hot tub with three other guys, but she turned them down.

"I'm not doing the hot tub scene with four boys, me being the only girl." she told them.

And Woods's mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel, poses provocatively on the beach in a black bikini.  

As Elin returns to the U.S., Steve Helling, the author of a new book on the scandal, says Tiger has lost the battle to keep his marriage.

"She is going to build a new life for herself without Tiger," he said.

He says Elin is threatening to go public unless she gets what she wants in the divorce.

"The biggest bargaining chip Elin has is her silence. As long as she stays silent I think we'll see Tiger gives her whatever she needs," Helling said.

One thing she doesn't need: more photos like the ones in Vanity Fair.