Spring Breakers Help Clean Up Communities Devastated By Hurricane Sandy

While many students spend their spring break partying on beaches, INSIDE EDITION found some spring breakers helping devastated communities rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.

It's an annual rite of passage, co-eds heading to America's beaches for a non-stop spring break partying.

Crowds are flocking back to Miami Beach this year because popular destinations like Cancun have become too dangerous.

One spring breaker said, “I've heard it's pretty scary down there and not safe.”

There are strict laws in Miami against alcohol on the beach, but that didn't seem to stop the spring breakers that INSIDE EDITION found.

There were stepped up police patrols. Some revelers were given citations and made to take their booze-filled coolers off the beach.

One officer said, “We have officers along the upper end there to try to keep alcohol off the beach.”

For most it was party on.

One partygoer said, “This here's straight vodka, it's going into this glass. I'm drinking it!”

The image of spring break as a dark and dangerous adventure is being boosted by the movie Spring Breakers, with former Disney stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens.

But not all students heading for beaches are looking to party.

Some students are spending their spring break at New Jersey’s devastated beachfront communities, helping victims of Hurricane Sandy.

They're from Ohio State University and volunteered to spend spring break tearing up floor boards, cleaning up debris and removing drywall in Atlantic City, devastated five months ago by Hurricane Sandy.

One student said, “These are things we will always remember. We could be on the beach not doing a whole lot but this is an opportunity to really make the most of spring break. “

One home has to be completely gutted because Sandy's floods left its walls covered in mold.

Another student said, “It's really been heart wrenching because there are people who have nowhere to go.”

For homeowner Steven Ball, watching the students working on his home when they could be partying on the beach is a moving experience.

Ball said, “It's a beautiful thing to see young kids doing things other than what people perceive them of doing.”