Is Sizzurp To Blame For Lil Wayne's Hospitalization?

While Lil Wayne remains in critical condition in the hospital after suffering a series of seizures, INSIDE EDITION is looking if the rappers hospitalization was because the drink sizzurp.

Lil Wayne was brought to Los Angeles Cedars Sinai Medical Center last week after reportedly suffering a series of seizures. His condition has apparently not improved and reports are linking the seizures to his use of sizzurp, a dangerous combination of cough syrup and soda that has become alarmingly popular.

The sizzurp craze is especially concerning because the ingredients are relatively easy to get hold of. We even found this instructional video on YouTube.

It's a combination of prescription strength cough syrup laced and soda poured over ice in a styrofoam cup. The final ingredient is a Jolly Rancher. The hard candies are dropped in to help mask the taste of the cough syrup.

Dr. Harris Stratyner is an addiction specialist and told INSIDE EDITION, “It's unbelievably dangerous. The most likely thing to happen is that someone has restricted breathing, and also suppress their heart rate so they could pass out, they could faint, they could have a seizure. That is a very dangerous thing.”

Lil Wayne is often pictured with the tell-tale styrofoam cup in his hand. In one interview he even talks about trying to give up his long time sizzurp habit.

Now, the drink, which is the subject of numerous rap videos, has become popular among high school kids. We found a teenager on YouTube trying sizzurp for the first time. In the video, a teenager makes two helpings of sizzurp, a short time later, he is completely incapacitated.

Now, Lil Wayne is learning how unbelievably dangerous and stupid this drink could be.