Footage Surfaces of Jodi Arias Doing Headstands Before Being Charged With Murder

Moments before being charged for the murder of her boyfriend, interrogation room surveillance cameras caught Jodi Arias doing headstands. INSIDE EDITION has details on the strange incident.

Footage of accused killer Jodi Arias as you've never seen her before has been released.

Video was rolling during a break in her interrogation. She does a headstand for nearly 30 seconds, and remember she is minutes away from being charged with murder.

She can also be seen and heard singing to herself. She then went trash picking. Then, the Phoenix police detective returned and told her she is going to be charged with the murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. 

But what happens next is almost unbelievable. The first thing she asks for when she's told she's being charged with murder.  She said, “This is a really trivial question and it’s going to reveal how shallow I am but before they book me can I clean myself up a little bit?”

The detective said, “No, we are going to take you as you are.”

It's clear she wants to look good for her mug shot. But she still managed a smile and a cute pose.