Producer Of 'The Bible' Respond To Reaction Over Hit Miniseries

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander caught up with The Bible producer Roma Downey and the actor playing Jesus, who share insight into the TV hit.

An overjoyed Roma Downey is speaking about the success of her smash hit TV miniseries, The Bible.

Downey, who produced the series with husband Mark Burnett also appears in the miniseries as Mary, Mother of God. She told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander all about it. 

"Millions of people are responding that they're being inspired. That's very gratifying," said Downey. "It was such a privilege to play her. I'm a mother myself, so I brought a mother's heart to it."

Strange things have happened on the set of The Bible, like the time the actor playing Jesus said, "The Holy Spirit is like the wind" and a howling wind hit the set.

Actor Diogo Morgado told Alexander, "Right before I was about to say that line, this wonderful wind came in."

And during the crucifixion scene, the set was suddenly swarming with dozens of venomous snakes.

"The morning of that day, the snake man cleared 48 snakes from the location around the foot of the cross," recalled Downey.

Downey is also speaking out about the uproar over the resemblance between President Obama and the Devil in the miniseries.

Alexander said, "All these main characters, Satan, of course there's going to be criticism. Do you take this a little more personally though, because this project is so important to you?"

Downey said, "You take the good with the bad. The numbers speak for themselves."

We spoke with Downey just one day after she and her husband angrily denounced the Obama-Devil comparisions as "utter nonsense."

Now, the creators of History Channel's hugely successful miniseries are taking it up a notch. They've just written "The Story Of God And All Of Us," a novel based on their own miniseries.

And they took INSIDE EDITION on a tour of this special exhibit of Biblical artifacts called The Bible Experience in New York City.

However you look at it, the phenomenon of The Bible miniseries is nothing less than miraculous.