New Details of Times Square Bombing Suspect

INSIDE EDITION has new details on the terror suspect charged with attempting to bomb Times Square, including a chilling photo of him posing with friends near the location where he allegedly left the car bomb.

It's the accused Times Square bomber at the scene of his foiled crime!

Faisal Shahzad poses with family and friends in an unnerving photo obtained by CBS News. He's standing at the crossroads of the world, just feet from the very location he tried to blow up with his explosive-filled SUV.

Meanwhile, new details are emerging about the accused terrorist from the stack of personal items he carelessly left behind in his backyard.

As INSIDE EDITION first reported, Faisal Shahzad left a pile of old mail and private documents outside his former house in Shelton, Connecticut.

INSIDE EDITION also discovered Shahzad's bank statement from June 2005, showing he had a total of $3,637 in his account. It was strewn just feet away from a USA baseball cap.

Shahzad discarded the student visa that he obtained in 1998 when he first came to the U.S to study at Southeastern University in Washington. His college transcript, also in the garbage, shows that the accused terrorist got D's in English composition and microeconomics, a C in statistics and a B in accounting.

His wife, Huma Mian, who attended the University of Colorado, also seems to be a normal mom, content with her quiet suburban life.

On her Facebook page she wrote that her favorite TV shows were Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends. She said she had a passion for: "fashion, shoes, bags, SHOPPING, and of course Faisal."

As soon as INSIDE EDITION discovered the personal documents in the trash heap, a producer called the authorities, who quickly came and cordoned off the area.