Matt Lauer Reportedly "Didn't Like" Ann Curry

A New York magazine article reports that Matt Lauer "didn't like" Ann Curry and was at the center of her ousting from the Today show. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

We're learning just how frosty things got between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry before her infamous firing last year.

Lauer "openly complained" about Curry, was "miserable" working side-by-side with her, and "simply didn't like her" according to the sensational cover story of this week's New York Magazine.

New York Magazine's contributing editor Joe Hagan told INSIDE EDITION, "When the camera went off, they went off to their dressing rooms, went on with their lives, and they didn't socialize."

Hagan quotes the executive producer of the Today show as saying, "You can't fake it for very long that early in the morning. If your two anchors don't like each other off the air, [viewers are] not going to be fooled if they love each other on the air."

The magazine reports that Lauer was at the center of the behind-the-scenes discussions that ended in Ann Curry's firing. Lauer has said it was not his decision.

On Curry's last day as co-host, her despair was on full display. Who could forget how she turned her face away when Lauer tried to kiss her.

Hagan told INSIDE EDITION, "One producer described it as the equivalent of her strapping on explosives and blowing up the entire program."

But Curry's emotions were very real, according to the magazine.  

"When she left the set, she continued to cry," said Hagan.

Emotions were running high all over the network. When Savannah Guthrie was offered Curry's job she actually burst into tears. According to the magazine, she was "worried that Curry, and Today viewers, would see her as the backstabber."

Another revelation from New York Magazine—Lauer planned to leave the Today show for archrival Good Morning America. Lauer worked out a deal that would have made him an ABC News personality with a role on Good Morning America as well as a co-host of Katie Couric's new talk show, reuniting him with his old buddy. It was said to be a done deal. But suddenly, Lauer changed his mind and "surprised [everyone] by calling and saying 'thanks, but no thanks.' "

Now, Today show producers are focused full-time on turning around Lauer's tarnished reputation. Even Today show guests seem to be taking pot shots at him. Guest Chelsea Handler said to Lauer, "You have a worse reputation than I do."