Inside The Accused Times Square Bomber's Home

INSIDE EDITION gets an exclusive look inside the home of Faisal Shahzad, the man who authorities are questioning in the Times Square bombing attempt.

A look inside the lair of the accused Times Square bomber!

Faisal Shahzad lived in a barren two bedroom apartment as he plotted to blow up his SUV in the crossroads of the world.  

The accused terrorist lived in the apartment alone since mid February and paid $1150 a month in rent.

It's clear that Faisal didn't plan to stay there for long. The apartment is very sparsely decorated. He has some very basic furniture and he slept on an air mattress on the floor with just one sheet, one blanket and a couple of pillows.

Plastic covers the basic gray carpeting of a room and a sheet is hung up to block daylight.  

In another room there are weights and a bench that Shahzad used for exercise. And he left behind paints and brushes, which he used to decorate models of mosques that he made from Popsicle sticks.  
INSIDE EDITION found a copy of the Koran written in English and a DVD of George Clooney's movie Up in the Air.

Shahzad's kitchen was stocked with some basic groceries. On the counter are some coffee, potatoes and onions. In his refrigerator there is milk, bread and eggs. He kept tea and some Oreo cookies in his cabinets.

In the accused Times Square bomber's bathroom he has one towel hanging and there is his electric razor and some toiletries like Axe body wash.

It's a disturbing glimpse into the home and mind of the terrorist who tried to blow up Times Square.